Christ At All Cost! 

It sounds very amazing the way we think in this world.  The motive behind our thoughts and actions are biased and baseless most times.

As a Christian,  there is nothing that should be able to change your believe system. Your Faith is more important than your health. Your Faith is more important that anything you bear on you. 

The Bible clearly states that without Faith, it is just impossible to please God. If it is impossible to please God without Faith, then it means that we can do so many things for God,  and yet not please Him. 

I have a great fear, that, there are many people that will be cut off from God because of faithlessness than because of sinfulness. Because if it was sin,  Jesus was sent to bear every part of it,  but with Faith;  the bible pointed out situations where Jesus inquired of those he was willing to heal,  whether they had faith. 

As much as we are saved,  we have not really been saved because we are still in the enemies territory. The bible therefore mentions one of Jesus’ profound statements in Matthew 24:13, he who endures unto the end shall be saved. 

Salvation on the Cross made us right with God, but being saved in the end is called Glorification,  which is to be transferred into Glory,  free from evil.

But how do we endure unto the end for Glorification. Paul says, fight the good fight of FAITH!  Notice ‘the’ good fight,  meaning as a christian,  there is only one good fight. All other fights are not good. And the only good fight is one concerning your Faith. 

Do you know that?  All the things that happen to you while you’re on earth;  miscarriages, poverty,  barreness, theft, cheating,  illness, suppression etc. All these things are aimed to make you lose faith in God. 

The greatest achievement the devil will ever have,  is not to have killed you, it’s not to also have swallowed your riches,  neither is it to have denied you marriage or children. The greatest achievement the devil seeks is for a believer to denounce his or her faith in God. 

You have to stand,  you have to fight the good fight of Faith. Become a warrior when it comes to the issue of your Faith. That’s the greatest achievement you can ever have;  to have Kept your Faith to the end,  to have endured to the end, that’s how you enter into Glory.


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