You’ve Got to STAND! 

The issue of the Christian’s Faith, is that of great importance. A christian will lack everything (will even lack Christ), without Faith. Faith to the believer is a necessity, besides you cannot be a believer without Faith. 

There are many believers that are still babies in the Faith and still take milk in the kingdom. For adult believers, we might not have the perfect determinant for christian Maturity. But one thing about human beings that is basic and can prove to us what maturity is,  is Endurance or Long-suffering. 

Every child is nowhere in the world, expected to be able to endure situations beyond measure. when a baby goes hungry, it cries. when a baby wants to excrete some waste, it cannot resist or hold on. when a baby is itchy, it cries! 

The list goes on and on. But adults in similar situations, might endure long and never break into tears. 

The same applies to Christians, a babe in the kingdom,when they lose a pregnancy they break into blasphemy and doubt. When they lose a loved one, they blame God. When they are not catered for, they charge God with all the crimes and let go off the Christian Faith! 

Maturity is when you can stand whatever life throws at you,  whatever the devil throughs at you and still declare your Faith in Christ allowed! 

So as a maturity Christian,  there are people struggling in sin,  you can’t fall into sin and remain there because they who are already struggling might give up. You’ve got to stand! 

There are people watching you for inspiration,  you can’t stay on the floor. Whenever you fall,  you need to get back up again. You’ve got to stand. 

Do all to stand! 


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