Kingdom Divided

There is a scheme of the devil that the Church seems not to have figured yet, this very scheme is not against an individual believer, but against the entire body of Christ. The scheme proves a high level of effectiveness and success.

Whenever I quote Paul’s words,  “for we are not ignorant of the devises of the devil… “, I always think again, because we don’t seem to have figured the whole thing out. 

The devil is still working on his projects peacefully, not showing any sign of failure,  as though he hasn’t failed before. The truth is that,  he is the failure and he doesn’t need to show a sign for us to know he is a failure,  but the Church doesn’t seem to be making him aware of his permanent state of defeat. 

“Knowing their thoughts Jesus said to them, “Any kingdom that is divided against itself is being laid waste; and no city or house divided against itself will [continue to] stand.”

MAT 12:25 AMP

The devil is well vest in scriptural knowledge, he lacks spiritual wisdom. Because he knows the scripture,  he knows the principles that rule in the creation of God. 

Now-a-days, we see a lot of selfinflicted pain the Church is suffering. Recently on a very good Evangelism group page,  a member shared a video of about 6000 people naked in a place that seemed to be a harbour, a sort of street carnival or something. This individual added a note that indicated that,  the video was one of a pastor that asked his members to come to church naked in order to serve God directly. 

Well,  that’s a big demonic scheme to destroy the church,  and it’s so pathetic the Church doesn’t see anything because,  when we cannot know what happened in the Church and what the devil framed to destroy us,  we will destroy ourselves. 

We spread anything that we believe happened in another Church, so long us it wasn’t our denomination. God have mercy! We speak evil about other denominations because ours is “perfect”.

The devil knows perfectly that if a kingdom will be reduced to nothing,  there must be a misunderstanding within the walls. We are weakening our walls badly,  destroying what Christ built against the devil. 

If it’s a Church,  it’s a Church!  We must want to protect our own. We must desire to see our own stand. We work in banks and other institutions,  we work tirelessly to establish those circular organisations but we have a problem with helping the body of Christ to stand. 

We are dying! The rate at which we are so ignorant is killing us. We are ignorant of this devise of the devil. He is breaking into our walls because we have weakened them completely. We were sent to preach the gospel and build up the Church,  we need to build it not break it. And so far,  we have done a great job break it. 

The Church is now grapevine system instead of being a gospel benefit. We spread information we have not verified because it is not our “denomination”.

Today,  a pastor has raped someone,  another day a pastor has defrauded another and so on… Pastors are not angels,  instead of being a bad news bearer,  be a good news preacher! Listen, we are not wise spreading bad news that has a label that identifies with the Church. In fact,  if the Church doesn’t share any of these things, we will have a lot more souls won and many more retained in the Church. 

All we see is we are spreading news,  we are killing the Church! Truth is,  most of those news are not even true! We need to wake up and stop sleeping. Killing one church after the other. God said let both the weeds and the wheat grow together,  because if you attempt to uproot the weeds,  you will do more harm to the wheats! 

But we are trying to get rid of the weeds now,  that’s even disobedience. It’s God’s command to leave it like this and not attempt anything. If you trying to spread news about a denomination to kill them because you “think” they’re wrong,  you will kill the body of Christ indirectly. 

Stop working on the devil’s side. Stop sharing weapons that enable the world destroy the Church. Stop!  Wake up! Arise!  Snap out of it!  Repent! Let’s spread miracles,  signs and wonders, sound word and all the likes that characterise Good News! 

You’ll be judged for destroying the Church. Stop it now! 


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