The Force-field of Faith

I have come across many people in life, who had very differing perspectives on the reality of Faith. While some feel that faith is a nuisance, others feel faith is fiction,  a great number allow faith to rule their life but not entirely and only few have embraced the wholeness of Faith. 

Daily, we see and hear advices against the operation of Faith. Some can tell you to not think Faith can do everything and others will also tell you to use faith wisely. Faith; everyone seems to have their own schools of thought on this very subject. 

The force field of Faith, it is what I call the scope of influence of one’s Faith. When an individual exercises his or her Faith,  the extent to which he or she believes that his or her Faith will get to,  that is the force field. 

The force field is determined by the individual exercising the faith. When a man exercises his Faith it differs from another man doing same. This is because everyone has a different scope they expect to influence. The reason why Benny Hinn will minister and people will get healed in other countries through electronic media is because he believes the will. 

Hebrews  11:3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.
The above tells us that,  if we get to understand what faith really is,  we will understand how possible it was for God to call the worlds into existence. Because everything that is visible was created by something that is not visible. The Word spoken is the invisible thing here. 

Some people believe God for very reasonable things,  like God protecting them in life and God being there for them. They don’t see God making way where there seems to be no way. 

Someone recently told me,  “no matter the faith you have as a man of God,  you can’t run into a wall and say you have faith”. Maybe some while ago,  I would have accepted this as a universal truth,  but I think that’s the individuals personal Truth.  The person’s force field doesn’t transcend a wall. 

I saw in the scriptures, Jesus said if you have the faith as tiny as a mustard seed,  it can move an entire mountain,  Jesus in the tomb,  when Mary was worried about the stone to be rolled,  they went there to meet a rolled stone. Peter in prison and An Angel steps in there and gates are open. I believe that nothing is beyond the reach of faith,  it only depends of the carrier of the faith. 

People argue that is not wise to exercise faith without wisdom. Well,  I could have agreed until I found out that “God calls the things that be not as though they were”. God isn’t a mad man! He’s not living in fantasies. Jesus crosses borders without money and when the need arises,  he calls a fish for money. Jesus sends out his disciples and instructs them not to carry provision for their needs,  you tell me not to run into a wall because faith doesn’t cover that?  Well if Jesus thought faith could feed and provide for the disciples throughout their journey,  so do I. 
The reason why we haven’t any weird miracle is because we haven’t met any weird person around. “Wise” people will tell us not to move into trouble because we think we have faith. Firstly,  point of correction;  we don’t ‘think’ we have faith, we have Faith! Secondly,  faith functions best when there is trouble! 

I’m looking at the Prophet Elisha and his servant realises they’re ambushed by a fleet of soldiers.  He concludes they are done for,  because he is being logical. Logic tells us 2 against a 1000 is called outnumbered. Faith calls that ‘more on our side than on their side’. The prophet was able to make thousands blind by his word! You think faith has a barrier? Think again! 

Elijah is not rich, he speaks to a rich king Ahab about an incoming rain. Ahab sets off for the city on a chariot,  Elijah has no scooter not to talk of a chariot. Elijah begins to run and overtakes a chariot that probably has at least to horses carrying it. Faith is faith. The God kind of faith. 

If God can form the world through Faith, then faith can deform anything in the world and form things in the world too. The only limit that faith has is love,  if you have no love in what you’re commanding your faith to do,  it won’t be effective. 

Believe in God,  understand that he can reach that far. God can do everything. He can come down and die for your sake and he can do any other thing you can think about. Philip the deacon can disappear and reappear,  that’s the work of faith. Faith is when you know that God is able to create something at anytime without having raw materials. 


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