Digestion – Illustrating Giving and Receiving. 

Have you ever wondered where your money goes to when you give it as offering? Does God need to obtain some groceries with the money collected at church? Why is the offering received with the mind-set of being given to God? 

Many of us Christians,  when things get tough in our lives,  we sometimes think about the amount of money we have given at church. We begin to raise a lot of allegations against the church for taking our monies and not putting them to use that will benefit them. 

There are some that argue that pastors take money while members of the church are hungry. While some people of the church are not able to raise money for their family but they are still forced to give in church. Well, those who complain,  they also work during the week and there are still hungry people in the church and even at their work places who have been hungry for so long, they can not even recall the last time they ate breakfast. Before you conclude on anything,  finish reading the entire post.

Digestion breaks down food into forms that can be easily absorbed and used by the body for energy,  growth and cell repair. 

Before digestion can take place,  the hands, legs and brains, eyes and ears of a human being must work very hard during the day. The leg carrys the body around,  the hand carries other weight,  eyes are looking out,  ears are listening and brains are storming just to make ends meet. 

Do not forget that,  during these period when there is work going on,  your stomach is fast asleep. Your stomach doesn’t carry your body around,  it doesn’t hear anything, it doesn’t think,  it doesn’t see anything. It’s only waiting for food. 

Though you’ve not thought about this before, but it is true; though the hands and legs and co are responsible for the food on the table,  they don’t get the food though. It is the stomach,  the ‘lazy’ one that gets all the food. 

Take note,  the hands,  legs,  eyes, ears, brains,  mouth and others, will never have food to eat until the food they brought has been to the stomach of the body. And if the stomach has not eaten,  the body can still die while there is still food on the table. Besides you can’t cover your body with food and hope that you’ll wake up a strong person. Not at all!! 

There is a form that the body can absorb the food in,  and this form can only be made by the stomach. Food from the stomach can be used for energy,  growth and cell repair. When body tissues are damaged,  you can’t just stick some food there and expect to see your skin heal. 

In this same manner,  it is not wise to be complaining that a pastor is not working but you’re feeding him or her. Just like your stomach that doesn’t work but is the sole beneficiary of the food on the table,  the pastor too,  though not the sole beneficiary,  doesn’t work(some work though). 

The body needs food to be broken down into ways it can absorb and use for the work during the day. The same way the body of Christ needs inspiration to evangelise,  to stand in faith,  to multiply,  to grow and to fulfil it’s purpose. In order for the church to do that, food must visit the stomach. 

The work the stomach does cannot be done by any other part. The position the pastor has in the church cannot be occupied by any other. Don’t try to wrestle with them because of your offering. You need healing,  protection, inspiration and motivation,  teaching,  prophecy, faith. All these things comes by hard means,  fasting and praying and communing with God for several hours. Don’t require of your pastor to work before he eats,  and don’t ask him to go and feed the poor. The poor is everybody’s responsibility. The pastor is called to watch over the church not the orphanage or the rehab center. Don’t be over critical. If they support the poor it’s their reward,  if they don’t,  it’s their discretion. Have you finished helping the poor? 

Malachi  3:10  Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.
In the scripture above,  God says bring tithes to his house,  so that there will be meat in his house. God doesn’t eat meat,  it is the pastor that eats meat! You have to accept it that way so that you save your life. But until you bring meat into the storehouse,  the windows of heaven are shut and the blessing you need is kept safe. 

A man of God is like a stomach,  though he seems not to be doing any work, when you bring your hard earned income,  you will take a blessing home. The bible says,  it is the blessing of God that maketh a man rich and he adds no sorrow to it. Listen,  when you gather all the money you earn from your business to yourself,  you are not rich,  you’re an economist! Every economist has enough for a time period to survive on. 

Bring your tithes,  it will be broken down into simple and soluble states that your life stream can absorb called blessing! 


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