Softcore Pornography – The Teaser! 

Pornography is a hard thing to talk against. In old times,  it was rather hard to come by. Now-a-days, we don’t need to come by, we practically live by it. Pornography has become live and coloured rather than bad and covered!

In the family of Pornography, there are two major categories of Porn materials. There are ones referred to as “softcore porn” and the rest are “hard-core”. Depending on the how explicit a material was,  determined it’s category.

Softcore porn is pornography that has very limited level of exposure. It shows men and women who, though have lost dignity,  have very tiny positions of their privacy kept private. 

Surprisingly, I discovered the operation of certain unclean spirits and their interaction with things we might possibly interact with. 

It is not very easy for demons to take over the command center(brain)  of a man whether a believer or not. Because of this natural function of the human body,  the devil developed the “teaser” strategy. 

The Teaser Strategy. Most demons operate with teaser strategy. Whatever sin you fall into,  there was an appetizer you took in that pioneered your downfall. The devil can try to even use a good post like this as a teaser for his evil agenda,  by twisting the way you get the message. Softcore porn is now no longer referred to as pornography. Most of the dressed ladies in our time will be walking softcore porn if they were living 100 years ago. Most of the advertising companies in our time would have been tagged as softcore porn producers if they were in similar operation some years ago. In some several years ago,  when Playboy magazine was enjoying some level of monopoly in softcore porn images, they sold for exorbitant prices but now,  most ladies don’t need a magazine to show their new found passion. That’s the teaser approach. The devil wants softcore porn to be normal and easy to come by. As a teaser,  the very little sexual images you flash your eyes on, they stir you up for more. Like Pepsi puts it, “Dare for more”.

Now, watching pornography is not a decision but an acceptance. There is an offer before you with conditions and you have to accept or decline. I believe all porn sources have a teaser on the opening pages and will ask you to accept to proceed to a more dangerous location. 

Whenever you pay close attention to any softcore form of pornography,  you allow a demonic possession impulse to be sent your brain. As you to accept the offer,  you open the door to your own brain for the demon who will keep you bound for a long time,  struggling with the addiction. 

Why does the devil want you to watch porn? He wants you to condemn yourself! His great achievement is to get yourself to condemn yourself and declare yourself unworthy of God’s love and Grace. And once you do that, he knows you both will surely meet after death. 

God loves you. He wants to draw close to you. He wants to keep you by His side. But the problem is what the devil can make you think of yourself. Snap out of anything the devil has locked you in. Come out from it and be separate unto the Lord. 


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