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The Lamb of God and the lamb of Men. 

The lamb as an animal, over the years has gained the right to be the sole representative of sacrifice or offering. The lamb is scarcely regarded as a pet or even a domesticated animal but most often seen as a means of appeasement, reconciliation or Thanksgiving. 

When the world lived in sin,  the Lord required the blood of a lamb. The lamb is also a characteristically pure animal, with very clean and beautiful appearance, having an awesome look of innocence. 

In the days of old, the lamb was an animal that the people of God used for the atonement of their sin. Since the death of Christ, His blood has been the unmatchless substitute to the blood of the lamb previously used. And John the Baptist says this concerning the Lamb of God:

John  1:29 The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.
In old times,  God required a lamb,  but none of those lambs that came to Him was good enough to gain the name – the Lamb of God. John gives us certain specifications about the Lamb of God. 

…which taketh away the sin…

The ability of the Lamb of God is that it is able to take away the sin. The lamb that men brought in the old times,  they brought to cover their sins. They had to imbibe the thought of being righteous but they couldn’t be free of the conscience. In those times,  if any one had enough discovery techniques,  he or she could uncover a sin of another and make a public show of it. The covering of their sins made it possible for God to remember the old sins because the cover did not last. The lamb of God takes sin away. Away means away, your sins are seen no more,  thought of no more. God doesn’t delight in remembering your faults, for this reason He presented His own Lamb. 
… The sin of the world… 

In the old times, a man brings a lamb to the priest for atonement of sin. The lamb had potency of covering the sin of the man alone or the man and his family. The Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world. The blood of the Lamb was enough,  strong enough to not cover the sin of the world but to take them away. 

The lamb of men signifies the works and sacrifices of men. Many are breaking up because they are not proud of their achievements, others are not pleased with the sacrifices that others make for them. All those are the lambs of men; they have limits on them. Man cannot care for you your entire life, they will cover your inability to take care of yourself for a while and very soon they met go of the cover. The lamb of men cannot cater for everyone present,  there must be selections and some nepotism. Businesses are lambs of men,  and they will choose family or friends for a job than an outsider. These lambs of men cannot be relied upon,  do not build your trust upon things men have built, they don’t last! 

However,  the Lamb of God is available for all men. It is more than enough to suffice for the needs and wants of men. God is the one to be pleased and the lamb He chooses cannot be inadequate in pleasure.

May God give unto us that which will last our lives. In the Name of Jesus!